Jaz Persing is a writer, singer, and human living in Los Angeles. She works in television when she can. The rest of the time she’s just looking for a dare-to-be-great situation, hoping she can put a good dent in the world with the mess of broken love, vulnerability, and words she has. In the meantime, she’s immensely grateful for God and the many good people around her that make it all seem feasible.


Insert change here
And all my lights go off
A cacophony of electric and chaos and bouncing off
But never any forward
Never any oxygen
Just clattering against all obstacles backward until I collapse to the bottom
And shut back off
For all the bells and whistles
Till some wizard proves me wrong
There’s never a pinball machine at peace

Transference While Waiting for the IT Guy to Show up

To My Love, on the Eve of the Super Blue Blood Lunar Eclipse