Jaz Persing is a writer, singer, and human living in Los Angeles. She works in television when she can. The rest of the time she’s just looking for a dare-to-be-great situation, hoping she can put a good dent in the world with the mess of broken love, vulnerability, and words she has. In the meantime, she’s immensely grateful for God and the many good people around her that make it all seem feasible.


You thing of beauty
Buckling under the weight of all your promises kept
Let me lighten your load
As I remember

Wasn't it yesterday you presented
Dewdrop buds opening, promising, 
Promising, opening
But I drive too far and fast to always smell the flowers

Still the Ides came
And the birds never stopped singing
And I made much of time
As much as I could make
With rosebuds gathered

Now, on the edge of a new season
Here I stand again
Really seeing
Your sunset fire skin reminding me

That there's good in the waiting
That there's growth and healing
That happens while my eyes are closed or crying
Even when I forget to look

Horizon Promise

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