Valentinian Diaries, as the Earth Once Circles the Sun

But she will wonder what path she's taking, and she will walk a little longer to get to her car, and on her way she will pass a mural of Bukowski. She has never looked up to see this sign, and now she will sees that it says:

"What matters most is how well you walk through the fire."

This will cut her deep in the context of the advice she knows she's going to ignore. 

Pinball Wizard

As much as I know reflecting will heal me eventually—it’s difficult not to walk into my psyche and find an ocean of what-ifs to keep you cycling back and back and back...and then suddenly I’m more pinball machine than person.

Negotiations in the Liberation Pendulum

Hell, I’m the banging-on-glass Ben Braddock, too, running until my legs give out, giving the content of my lungs to get people I love out of there. I’m both of them, locking the door with a cross and fleeing the chaos to hop on the bus ride out of there, delirious, mad...

Backtracking in Big Sur

That, and I have a little more Don Draper in me than you might think. By which I mean that Big Sur has a strong tie to my soul, and that sometimes I like to be a stranger. To wander the road and be unknown for a while. To feel the freedom of that, even alongside the terror.